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, Our latest release!
An interplanetary adventure full of action, surprises, jetpacks and sticky creatures!

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Not sure? Just try the demo!

 Download Space Slice demo


Space Slice original soundtrack!

For only 0.99€ you can get all the funky rock tunes of Space Slice!
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Download Space Slice's known galaxy map!

Lost in Space? This map shows all you need to know about the location
of brightholes, bosses, merchants and automatic vending machines.
Click below image to download it!

Download Space Slice galaxy map

Ballman Planets, Our beloved and award winning cult classic tribute to PacMan!

Download Ballman Planets

Crazy Cows - Attack of the Horny Big Breasted Mammals,
if I were a cow I would poo and say moo. Probably the funniest
action/strategy game ever made with cows!

Download Crazy Cows

Crazy Cows: this is the 1996 original Crazy Cows game by Runt Time,
in which some of the current members of Code Vikings participated.

Download Runt Time Crazy Cows

We have built up a special version of the well-known DOSBOX
emulator in order to
properly execute this game in modern computers,
so you just have to install and play it!